Sunday, August 12, 2012

Neville Goddard Quotes and Lectures

Just wanted to share.

It's great to see your impact in the world.

Neville Goddard Quotes and Lectures

What kind of IMPACT are you creating today?

Mr Twenty Twentyu

Monday, August 23, 2010

Becoming Natural Again?

Before going native, why not try going natural?

Trying to go "native" before going NATURAL, is like putting the cart before the horse, or the harvest before the planting.

This is the real reason why Native Americans are losing their culture, their way of thinking, their way of life. Part of that way of life includes stories that are passed down from generation to generation. Stories that inspire, stories that educate, stories that hopefully shape the next generation. Another part of the culture that is being lost is how we dressed....

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are you REALLY RESPONSIBLE for?

Morning Mark,

You asked, "What if I took 100% responsibility for everything?"

Could lead to more personal power, after all, I am in charge of somethings.

Could lead do disaster. There is now way I am responsible for Joe and Pat's "Hoshun Stunt".

I am PARTIALLY responsible, for the friends I have lost, and gained with all that in mind.

I could have kept my mouth shut, and let Joe and Pat continue on the path of stupidity. Or I could make waves.

"I am responsible."
That is a phrase that I can attempt to live up to. I can do it now. Hey, Mark, TP, everyone else.... there is a link to join the Dharmaville Discussion Group here. Use it to get more people here, so we can more interesting conversations.
"I am responsible for everything."

Yes, I have used that phrase in seminars. And in writing. And since then....

I have become, more aware, more alive, and less delusional.

Hey look, new people joining the group! How cool is that!

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: If you know anyone who is being held back by FEAR, send them to - I am going to be giving away the first two weeks of training STARTING this weekend. Buckle up...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Are you solving th Real Problem with NLP?

Morning Mark,

Love ya mate!

The Wizard lives backwards in time. So do medicine men.

I learned to start where I want them to go, then go back and discover where they really are.

Where they really are, isn't where they think they are.

  • Note #1: Most people know more than they think they do. They might not know "the words", yet, but they know part of the terrain that the words / map is about.
  • Note #2: Most problems most people have are related to them not being where they think they are.

Imagine the fun. Buckle up!
So I start. Presupposing that you know more than you probably do, about NLP, about "life". Aout 98% of the time people compliment me on that. Even if it temporarily frustrates or confuses the snot out of them.
Because it requires... that we let go. (Healing space / transformative shifts show up.)

The "old man" said to me once...
"People NEVER know what is their REAL problem. If they knew what their problem really is, then they wouldn't have it."
My history.... Camp Hill Prison Riots. Hostage. PTSD. Leave me the F alone.

My problem was people. I didn't want to be around them, any of them. They were threats. So I first learned how to become invisible, and live off the land. And the philo that goes with that. Skills + strength + spirit = survival.

Little did I know.... my "real problem" was that I already WAS invisible. And that THOSE SKILLS AND UNDERSTANDINGS I was experiencing.... would put me where I am today.

A couple hundred web hits a day.... Helping people. Changing lives.

It starts by exposing ME to the world.... inviting the world to expose itself.


Not disappear.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: I hope that was as fun for you to read, as it was for me to read while it was manifesting!